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on stars – evandro angerami

It is said some are so far from us, that when it’s light comes to Earth, they have ceased to exist for a long time… And that human life is so small, almost nothing, to appreciate in this time scale.

They ceased to exist as stars, yet still exist as light, from stars that are gone, to travel through space. A star dies when it explodes. And, in this explosion, other things are formed, and among so many, are the metals we know.

So, part of the gold we have today on Earth, was formed in star explosions, whose light traveled in eternity, in the endless space. This is how I understand gold, as a fragment of stars, as a fragment of that which turned into light in the space. Endless.

Here, on Earth, the blue planet, an native-american looks up. In the high Rio Negro, Brazil, the natives Tukanos watch the celestial bodies, the stars, and the light of those that have ceased to exist as such, that have become gold, that traveled through time, light!

The dry leaf falls in the forest’s moist floor. The bioluminescent fungi, that is born in it, shines the way. The shinning way is a mirror of the sky. And the sky is a mirror of its own way, to be trailed in this live amalgam of star things that exist and cease to exist, that travel through the endless space, in the endless time, and that are light sources, pure.

Iridescent are the gold sheets when bathed in sunlight. Setting stars. Shut in silence of space. Time. Light and silence.