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Evandro Angerami
Sao Paulo, SP – 1979
Lives and works in Sao Paulo

 At 39 years old, Angerami travels great distances, each time further from his hometown of Sao Paulo, to study the history and the practice of the classics – the Byzantines and their monasteries, meticulously hand painted in the thirteenth century. The more recent an Angerami production is, the more it is found within the ancient, finding parallels with traditional painting techniques and contemporary conceptual approaches.

Strongly connected to his beliefs about artistic creation, the 23K gold leaf painting and its close relationship with minerals and nature reinforces the importance Angerami gives to each brushstroke in his works – be they done on canvas, wood, or wall, the base that has gained increasing importance in his urban work.

Angerami’s numerous artistic residencies and cultural immersions meet his most personal characteristic of metamorphosing with the universe in which he is immersed. His expeditions for outdoor painting, for example, generated interest within the indigenous communities where he was, and they ended up participating in his workshops.

Angerami´s production is divided in two ways: studio and open air. In one, we find studio created versions of his memory landscapes, where the artist meets his references and allows himself to create imaginary universes. In the other, it absorbs the layers reached by the eyes, interprets the light change in external environments as time passes by and experiences for hours each space and its lives.


Master of Visual Arts from the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture and Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at the Centro Universitário de Belas Artes of Sao Paulo. His works are integrated in the permanent collections of national and international institutions such as the Kyoto International Engraving Association in Japan, and Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá, Colombia, among others.

Some of his solo exhibitions are those at the Galerie Arteconte of Paris, France (2011); At the Pinacoteca Foundation Benedicto Calixto of Santos, in Sao Paulo (2012) and New York Studio School of Drawing Painting and Sculpture, New York (2009).

He also participated in conferences at the United Nations (UN) in New York; At Galleri Bankgaard in Glusted, Denmark; At Verve Galeria, in Sao Paulo; Among others participating since 2004.

2007-09          Master’s degree in Visual Arts. New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. (NYSS). New York. EUA.
2005-06          Graduation in Visual Arts. Belas Artes University – Sao Paulo. Brazil
2001-06          Attends Aldemir Martins’s Workshop
2001-10          Attends Rubens Matuck’s Workshop
2002                Scientific Research: “Pintura Metafísica/Metaphysical painting”. Belas Artes University. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2000-02          Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts. Belas Artes University. Sao Paulo, Brazil

International Engraving Association of Kyoto. Kyoto, Japan.
Museum of Contemporary Art – MAC. Bogota, Colombia.
Museum of Art Cañadense. Cañada de Gómez, Argentina.
Foundation Marcos Amaro. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto. Santos, Brazil.
Brazilian Endowment for the Arts – BEA. New York, EUA
Art of the Parliament of Sao Paulo Museum. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Historical Centre Mackenzie. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Hospital of the Heart Sao Paulo – HCOR. Sao Paulo, Brazil

2018     Andrea Rehder Arte Contemporânea. Curated by Marcio Harum.
2018    Casa Brasileira. Curated by Doralina Rodrigues. São Sebastião. Brasil.
2016    Caza+. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2015    UNESP – University Rectory. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2013    Historical Centre Mackenzie. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2012    UNESP – University Rectory. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2012    Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto. Santos. Brazil.
2011    Gallery Arteconte. Paris. França
2010    Gallery Valoart. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2009    New York Studio School of Drawing Painting and Sculpture. New York. EUA.
2008    BEA Art Hall Gallery. New York. EUA.
2007    Palace 9 de julho, State Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo. Brazil
2004    Blue Tree Tower Convention Center. Sao Paulo. Brazil.

2018    Saphira & Ventura Art Gallery. New York, USA.
2018    25º Salão de Artes Plasticas of Praia Grande. Praia Grande. Brazil.
2018    Aecio Sarti Gallery. Paraty. Brazil.
2017    Art Museum of Cañada. Cañada de Gomez. Argentina.
2017   The Print Space. London. UK.
2017    Museum of Art Canãdense. Cañada de Gomes. Argentina.
2017    ArtBrazil. Miami, USA.
2017    Saphira & Ventura Art Gallery. New York, EUA.
2017    Saphira & Ventura Art Gallery. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2016    International Engraving Association of Kyoto. Kyoto, Japan.
2016    Museum of Contemporary Art – MAC. Bogota. Colombia.
2016    Museum of Art Canãdense. Cañada de Gomes. Argentina.
2016    Gallery Oriente. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.
2016    Verve Gallery. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2015    Gallery Garage, Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2014    Gallery Bankgaard. Glusted. Denmark.
2011    Gallery Artconte. Paris. France. (July 2011)
2011    Gallery Artconte. Paris. France. (March 2011)
2009    United Nations UN. New York. EUA. (“United artists”)
2008    BEA Art Hall Gallery. New York. EUA.
2008    ISE Foundation. New York. EUA.
2007    Sao Paulo’s City Council. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2007    Gallery Caiada 35. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2004    Ward-Nasse Gallery. New York. EUA.

2017-2018      Saphira & Ventura Art Gallery.  Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2018-till now   Professor of Painting. Santa Marcelina University. Sao Paulo. Brazil.

2018    Atlantica Art Residency. Paraty. Brazil.
2018    FINART Festival Internacional de Artes graficas. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2018    Arte e Cultura na Kebrada. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2017    FINART Festival Internacional de Artes graficas. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2017   Bushwick Open Studios. New York, USA.
2017   Take Over. Nau Bostik. Barcelona, Spain.
2017   Upfest Festival. Bristol, United Kingdom.
2016    Upfest Festival. Bristol, United Kingdom.
2016    Hackney WickED. London, United Kingdom
2016    We Are Croydon. London, United Kingdom
2016    Arte e Cultura na Kebrada. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015    Arte e Cultura na Kebrada. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014    International Art Residency. Glusted, Denmark2012-2017      Teacher of drawing, painting, Afro-brazilian art and Indigenous Art. Laureate Universities. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2017                Painting workshop for kids. Bosque Maia. Guarulhos, Brazil.
2016                Urban Arts Course. Caza+. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2014                Open air drawings Course. SESC Interlagos. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2014                Watercolor for kids Workshop. Gludsted, Denmark.
2014                Sculptures for kids Workshop. Gludsted, Denmark.
2014                Painting workshop for indigenous kids (Kayapó). Alto Paraíso de Goias. Brazil.
2006                Course Organization. I Brazilian Forum of Phenomenology. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2005-2007      Bradesco Foundation Teacher of Arts. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2005-2014      Philosophy of Art Teacher. Existential Psychotherapy. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2002                Lecturer: “Arte como Transcendência da Alma Humana/ Art as Transcendence for the Human Soul “. I Brazilian Congress for Spirituality and Clinical Practice. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
2002              Sculpture Workshop. UNIEXPO 2002. Sao Paulo. Brazil.